1982 Social Work Graduates of Hong Kong Baptist University

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更新日期、July 8, 2011

Another reunion is scheduled on Sept. 2011 at Julia’s home in JKO.  Rebecca will be coordinating the event.


201177日星期四,晚上7時至10(畢業後第29年的)Phoebe Chan8同學們聚舊,在北角Harbour Plaza North Point3樓中餐廳。(Alice, John, Rebecca, Kwok-wing, 魚仔、Julia, Dymo & Linda.)

The 7 July 2011 Reunion recorded a total attendance of 8 persons and Phoebe Chan, our BU lecturer.  Check your email with the group photos by Alice and send your updated email account to webmaster at



200957日星期四,晚上6時半至11(畢業後第27年的)18人聚舊,理工大學李嘉誠樓14  中餐廳

The 7 May 2009 Reunion recorded a total attendance of 18 persons.  Check your email with the group photos and send your updated email account to webmaster at



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l  『香港浸會大學』在 1978-1982年代還是 『香港浸會學院』。

l  校園也只是 “窩打老道” 浸信會醫院側的舊校舍,還未有聯福道的新校舍及設施。

l  1978-1982 社會工作系,還是4年大專社會工作文憑課程的最後一屆,1983開始的社工課程,就改為3年制榮譽社會工作文憑。

l  1982屆的社工系畢業生人數只有25人,女14人男11人。

l  1982年入職的文憑社工 (SWA 社會工作助理) 剛遇上政府減薪2點,當時是非政府(NGO)和政府機構是同工同酬。

l  留校温書期間,間中我們會去聯合道巴士總站飯堂吃午晚餐。

l  經常帶手提打字機返學趕功課。

l  首兩年課是社會學系大班上課 (很多人 100),第2年尾要group & individual Interview競爭入社工系,只有25個學額。第3年開是正式小班社工系學習,人數少關係密切,和老師也十分親近。

l  3年暑假要出Block 實習10星期,第4年出Concurrent實習24個星期。

l  1981-1982年八間大專院校社工系正式成立<香港社會工作學生聯會>。

l  據知當年因學額有限,部份決志投身社工同學們,不惜留級二年級重考社工系。

l  南丫島Julia家渡假。

l  鯉魚及Monica元朗家打邊爐。

l  七俠內地畢業旅行記趣。

l  班長Alice為同學服務。

l  小芬改名。

l  系際歌唱比賽勇奪第3名 陸、AliceJulia、强仔、仁生、魚仔 …。

l  T恤絲網印刷的仁生

l  月老撮合多紅線,有聚、有散、亦有仙遊

l  SOCO 四人實習 僑生、狗仔、鯉魚及Monica

l  麥理浩三人實習 Aukit, Rosanna, 魚仔。

l  Kwok-wing & Chan Wah placement at Helping Hand with Phoebe Chan as fieldwork supervisor.



20111982同學近況(updated 7 July 2011) (歡迎大家報料

l   仁生在上海創業,業務和家都在上海。(he keeps us posted of his development by emails)

l   Dymo大毛 is still working part time in a primary school as social worker since Nov 2008.  Becoming neighbourhood to Julia in JKO.

l   Rosanna is working in England with her beloved half, Malcolm.  20119月尾回港,Mark your diary for another Re-union and Rebecca will be coordinating the event. Julia is very kind to be the host (to let us gather at her home at JKO) for the re-union.

l   Julia after working as a field work supervisor in HKU for three years called it a day this July. 

l   Rebecca, Alice and Francis are still keep working to earn their living.

l   John still busy with his insurance work.

l   Sorry Linda, I didn’t have any update with you at the reunion on July 7, 2011.  Email or call me your updated news.

l   Kwok-wings kid is now studying Form 4 and Alices daughter is studying Form 5.

l   魚仔 is still volunteering in the GZ autism services and his elder son aged 28 is now working.  He is the first one to get married after graduation with two kids.

l   Below news of fellow classmates that were not present in the July 7, 2011 reunion are hearsays from those who attended:

l   Kam-wah is enjoying hiking and photography in Australia before retirement from his teaching post.

l   巴拉負笈海外進修神學,已回港從事新工作。



20091982同學是(updated 7 May 2009)

l        截至20092月止,現職社工16 名,教書/帶實習5名,轉職3名,退休1名。

l   身處海外共3 (1移民、2.5外地工作)23名常居香江。

l   社工博士2名,碩士學士 名額未有統計。

l   子女目 未有統計。

l   社工共偕連理數目統計:已知數4 (低估??)

l    2008年一次畢業25周年聚舊共有18人出席!四分一世紀人生路,人面桃花不同。

l    活躍的班代 John 浸大舊生會幹事,並定期Email聯絡各人。

l    僑肥了23碼!可能是擔任區議員開會多,少運動。

l    仁生任職高層經常要穿梭內地,巡視業務。

l    巴拉任職社工多年後,負笈海外進修神學,稍後回港,北上神州從事新工作。

l    魚仔近年自閉症志工事務繁忙,遊走珠三角州

l    鯉魚已濠江回港,小休半載後再返江。

l    威已調工作崗位,在香港島某社區中心。

l    Kit-ling理工社區學院任Sociology & Cultural Studies.

l    Rosanna is working in England with her beloved half, Malcolm.  20094月尾回港,

l    Dymo大毛 working part time in a primary school as social worker since Nov 2008 till mid June 2009.

l    26年前線及管理層辛勞工作,部份戰友退下一線,尋找其他人生目標,包括: AuKit, Tong, Dymo

l    Julia is now working as a field work supervisor.  7th May is her 25th Anniversary of marriage.





l  烏龍中最後實習,即將懸壺濟世。

l  Kalie主力財經金融。



l  耀輝 在珠海 UIC 社工及社政系教書及負責實習統籌,現正招募具MSW/MSocSc.資歷的實習督導,在國內帶學生實習(17 in China廣州、深圳、順德、14 persons in香港等地), contact the webmaster at if you are interested in it.

l   Yvonne - 退下一線,尋找其他人生目標,遊走港深兩地義工服務自閉症兒童及家庭。

l   陳華要退休



最新消息 (資料庫 |2009|)

1978-1982-2007-2009  我們走過的路


31年前  我們踏進  香港浸會學院 社會學/社工系  大門。

29年前  競爭入社工系,只有25位生還者。

28年前  首次往機構實習

27年前  出第2次實習


        找尋工作 (應該是 工)


        浸會學院社工系 43  Honor Diploma

1982  開始返工



        子女成長 - 空窗期






2003 SARS病毒  /  85 /  23條立法 / CS下台

12-10-2007  18位同聚會 + 不完的舊話


2009年金融海嘯 雷曼兄弟 毒債券



7-5-2009   18位同聚會 + Julia 婚紀念 + Rosanna 返港 +




Nice to meet you all (18 turn out, Esther is ill and can't join) in PolyU plus a long distant chat with Joseph (in Canada) on 7 May 2009. 


A good old memories for 1982 graduation, marriage, work, life, kids, mission, passion, ...


Different stories, un-crossing path, diversified destination, unified challenges, ...


We share the joys of Julia and her better half 25 year Jubliee anniversary of marriage, and many more couples walking together the path. 


We missed those who are unavailable to turn up and expressed our deepest concern to Esther who was facing a great health challenge.  You can make it.


We wish Rosanna and Malclm a happy journey in Hangzhou and looking forward to meet again in HK.


We wish all parents of our challenging kids walk through the puberty chaos and find their way in unification.


We wish those who continuous to keep their passion in their position to exert influence to the followers.


We wish those who committed to work in a place far away from HK for those needy groups safe and peace.


We wish those find their path in another arena worthwhile and keep going without fear.


We wish those who fought with the unavoidable health reality with confidence and in good shape.


We wish all to meet again no matter how hard it is to keep all 25 fellows in one point at one time. 


We dare to get a 50% discount LIFE pass for shopping from someone in a significant position.


We wish all those who are raising fund for meaningful purposes target achieved.


We wish to keep young, energetic, and with a good faith in facing our future obstacles.


We wish to contribute back to the society in all sort of ways.



各人近況更新日期、July 8, 2011


僑生 移民加國,任職社工。3

錦華博士,理工教書 即將解甲歸田

仁生 – 上海創業

-  現職社工(MI)


魚仔 - 現職社工 (MH)

Rosanna 移居海外,20119月尾回港主持課程

Rebecca 現職社工(C&Y) 


Alice - 現職社工 東華三院安老服務



大毛 兼職學校社工


-  退休




Monica W.K.- 現職社工

Julia 解甲歸田

鯉魚 江社工

巴拉 已回港就業

Monica L.T.  - 中大春風化雨 

Esther - 現職社工


AuKit 職社工,工餘支援四川地震災區


- 現職社工



陳榮 - 現職社工  (C&Y)

John -  理財策劃師及保險、班代、浸大舊生會幹事

強仔 - 現職社工  



老師近更新日期、July 8, 2011

謝志偉校長 -退休現居

朱牧師 退休從事教會工作

芳老師 退休

趙維生老師 退休

威廉老師 -退休

莫泰基老師 退休

Phoebe Chan 楓葉國工作











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